Rod Titus’s enormous, lush landscapes are an ode to the majestic Burlingame Hills and beyond.  A local resident who worked in a Burlingame high-rise for decades, Titus fell in love with our Peninsula views, and these works are a compelling testament to the treasures we have right outside our windows.  

Titus says “For the last 32 years I have lived and painted within a six-block area of Millbrae’s Broadway and La Cruz avenues…Living on the Peninsula, outside of a metropolitan art loop, has allowed my painting and drawing to develop unencumbered by the passing of current trends and fashions. The rhythms and tenors of life on the Peninsula have provided inspirations all their own.


“On more than one occasion, in preparation for this exhibition, I’ve found myself reflecting on various matters had I returned to San Francisco in 1978. With each passing year, however, I’ve become increasingly convinced that the place or places I’ve chosen to paint have in fact chosen me.”

A native of rural California, Rod Titus trained at the San Francisco Art Institute. His drawings are created with a watercolor and ink technique that accentuates tone and line. His expansive paintings are textural and pointilistic in quality. He has been showing his land and cityscapes since the 1960s.  

2nd and Ellsworth


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