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Mar 26, 2014 to Jun 8, 2014

From March 26- March 29th the San Francisco Bay Area will be hosting the 2014 Southern Graphics Council  (SGC) International Conference: Bridges. This is the first West Coast conference in the organization’s history. 

San Francisco has long been know for its activism, innovation, technology and social justice.

Printmaking has historically been celebrated as a hybrid medium that embraces diverse working methodologies. Tradition joins with creativity; the familiar is married to the unknown. The print is a means for dissemination of ideas and a catalyst for social change.

Bridges investigates the intersections between traditional and emerging technologies and how these tools are vehicles for creating meaningful and critical discourse around contemporary issues. The Peninsula Museum of Art presents two themed portfolios by Bay Area printmakers who explore metaphorical bridges in their work.


Serial Relations

A themed portfolio of original prints by nine San Francisco Bay Area artists

Bridges have long been used as a metaphor for relationships: they are built and burned. As individuals we approach these interactions with perspectives, understandings, and goals informed by our unique histories. We seek to bridge these gaps, to find common ground. Navigating these spaces results in deep connection with success or highlights the isolation through failure, be it tragic or comic. 

The participants in Serial Relations insightfully examine relationships between families, friends, and lovers.


- Youngsoon Chon
- Gina M. Conteras
- Seul Hwa Eum
- Jon Gourley
- Daniel Maw
- Golbanou Moghaddas
- Lloyd W. Paterson Jr.
- Carissa Potter Carlson



A themed portfolio of original prints by fifteen San Francisco Bay Area artists

The San Francisco Bay Area is shaped by water—the bay, the estuaries, the ocean, tidal marshes, rivers, creeks and deltas—all of which have currents, some of which have undercurrents. These currents and undercurrents bring diversity as well as (often hidden) dangers to the Bay Area ecosystem and residents. The Bay Area is also shaped by the activities of its occupants, and is recognized on a global scale for innovation, activism, and collaboration. It is an incubator that has currents and undercurrents--many of which grapple with complex, multi-dimensional issues engaging our local/global networked culture. Artists who live or work in the Bay Area navigate between or "bridge" place, thought, action, and creation. This portfolio of artists investigates themes beneath the surface of mainstream awareness.


- José Arenas
- Servane Briand
- Julia Bradshaw
- Mike Day
- Don Drake
- Ema Harris-Sintamarian
- Ianne Kjorlie
- Eric Kneeland 
- Kent Manske
- Robin McCloskey
- Doug Minkler 
- Susan O'Malley
- Fanny Retsek
- Karen Rush
- Nanette Wylde

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