Phenomena - Urban Photographs on Silk and Paper by Charles Anselmo

Jul 28, 2019 to Oct 6, 2019

Working exclusively with photographic film, Charles Anselmo's large scale prints on translucent Habotai silk reveal his take on industrial complexes, peripheral urban spaces, Cuba, post-Katrina New Orleans and the derelict military bases of California. He witnesses the urban landscape in moments of decline to photographically capture structures, which began with purpose, being broken down over time and transformed under the weight of history to become 'phenomena,' the sensory representations of everyday life.

Anselmo exhibits his photographs internationally, curates United States exhibits of work by established Cuban film photographers, operates a large format digital printing studio and is Visiting Lecturer at two Cuban schools: the Havana School of Creative Photography, and the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Art, Cuba’s oldest art school. He has presented numerous exhibits on social themes and has upcoming solo shows in Havana and San Francisco. Anselmo lectures, writes critical essays, and also operates a large format digital printing studio, while continuing his photographic exploration of sites which demonstrate the nascent beauty of forgotten places.

A veteran of seventy photographic trips to Cuba since 2000, Anselmo has widely exhibited his Havana portfolios while visually capturing the city’s unique historical/architectural narrative, depicting the city's designed, intentional spaces as existing at the intersection of memory and the human community.

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