No Rules describes the artist’s motto and inspiration for creating her featured works, ranging from unique digital painting on aluminum, to 3D printed sculpture in high-tech polymer hand-painted in 22 karat gold leaf.  Whitaker is what is now known in tech circles as an ‘early adopter.’  She can boast of conversing on the pre-internet called The Source as far back as the 80s when she bought her first personal computer.  After that pioneering acquisition, Whitaker’s passion for technology migrated into her artwork, where she integrated not just new materials, but new ways of thinking:

“If the instructions said to enter a number between 10 and 30, I would enter 73 and -124.  If it said to multiply I would divide.  Most of the time I got a fairly blunt comment from the not-so-humble box about my lack of competence.  But occasionally a graphic would appear and I had found Nirvana.”

 “I felt like an astronaut of some kind of inner space.  I loved the fact that no one could tell me what to do, since no one knew. There were virtually no rules to follow.  Imagine: a world with no rules!”

     “No rules. Total freedom. Total chaos. What a glorious time to be alive!”


Whether manifest in a joyful piece of twisted polymer, or witnessed by her take on an exploding black pearl, Corinne Whitaker’s message can inspire us all: when you are not afraid to see things differently, anything can happen…..

Corinne Whitaker has worked in digital imaging for over 34 years.  In 1994 she set up the Digital Giraffe, a monthly online art journal which she edits, publishes, programs, and designs.  Her works have been exhibited all over the world, in more than 300 group and solo shows.



Black Pearl

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