Earth and Sea: Sculpture by Sean Monaghan

Feb 19, 2017 to Apr 30, 2017

Sean Monaghan is a sculptor in high-demand.  His pieces, ranging from statues of community heroes to giant metal rubber ball dispensing machines, have been commissioned for both public and private spaces for decades.  Monaghan even owns and operates the Santa Cruz foundry where these creative collaborations are produced.  

However, in this exhibition for Peninsula Museum of Art, visitors will see what springs from Monaghan’s imagination when he gets the chance to make something purely for fun.  When that happens, his taste veers toward elements of Earth and Sea, often incorporating blown glass, stone and metal.  Whether it’s an octopus creeping up a drinking fountain, or a globe wrought with unusual detail, Monaghan’s work is equally kinetic and unique.   

Sean Monaghan is a native of Lexington, Kentucky who first moved to California with his family in 1964.  He began seriously studying Art at UC Santa Cruz in 1980 and has owned and operated the Bronze Works Fine Art Foundry in Santa Cruz since 1992. Monaghan currently teaches bronze casting and moldmaking at Cabrillo Community College, and has been teaching casting at UC Santa Cruz on and off since 2000.

Octopus by Sean Monaghan

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