Dorothy Burston Brown: Bronze Sculptures

Aug 20, 2017 to Oct 29, 2017

Dorothy Burston Brown is a unique artist who creates metal sculptures in steel, bronze, copper, and cast-off discoveries. For PMA, Brown showcases her Spirit Houses, works inspired by a 'traveling altar' viewed in a collection of Asian artifacts.  Brown quickly set about sketching the piece, then worked in silver to create a palm-sized box with hinged doors.  As Brown cut the metal, she says she "felt a sense of protection" embrace her, "Such a petite enclosure could only contain ethereal items.  It could only embrace my soul, my spirit, that part of me which is so elusive yet alive.  I began adding and soldering on bits of silver, brass, copper, and bronze to form a miniature backdrop, which probably stemmed from my theatrical background.  It began to talk to me, to tell me of its rebirthing ability- and the snake appeared on its roof.  These discoveries plus the creation of more spirit houses resulted after my doctor discovered I had ovarian cancer and removed it successfully.  Since the first house, I've made five others, including one for a friend who begins chemo and radiation this month.  I sometimes think my spirit houses offer refuge from what ails me at times."

Sculpture by Dorothy Burston Brown

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