The Art of Science Fiction

Jun 9, 2013 to Aug 25, 2013

Scene from Avata by Dylan Cole

Other worlds. Mutants. Clones. All kinds of scientific weirdness, presented in stark lines, lurid colors, the depths of dark.

The Art of Science Fiction”, curated by The Art Directors Guild, opens June 9 in the Peninsula Museum of Art with a reception from 1 to 4 p.m. and continues through Aug. 25. Admission is free, and Museum hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 11 to 5.

 Unlimited imaginations and awesome talents are required to illustrate scenes (to convince accountants to write the checks), design stage sets, create animations, and all the other art forms needed to produce science fiction films, video games, book covers, and television features.

Scene from Star Trek, First Contact - Borg Attack by Joseph Muso

Curated by the Art Directors Guild, this exhibition features artwork created for major science fiction films (“Avatar,” “Serenity,” “Oz”, “Firefly”, to cite a few) and especially the work of Dylan Cole, the artist responsible for the spectacular opening scenes of the “Star Trek” series.

Real artists create these images, and their real art survives but is seldom seen in public. “The Art of Science Fiction” provides visitors a rare behind-the-scenes opportunity to observe and understand the careers “out there” for artists.

For example, artists work as production designers, art directors, scenic artists, graphic artists, illustrators, matte (background) artists, set designers, and model makers. A number of these activities show up on the films’ story-boards, which will be included in the exhibition.

Scene from Serenity by Wil Madoc

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