Currently on display

  • When The Caged Birds Sing - Site-specific Sculpture by Sudnya Shroff

    Aug 18, 2019 to Oct 27, 2019 For her show at PMA, Sudnya Schroff will construct a site-specific installation: a giant wood and steel cage hung from the ceiling crammed with barbed wire, a shooting rainbow curtain and wire stick figures, the face of each a hand-crocheted flower. The stick figure flowers represent the global refugee community presently in limbo, incarcerated, waiting their turn for emancipation. Read more
  • placeholder - Textiles by Katie Revilla

    Aug 18, 2019 to Oct 27, 2019 A placeholder reserves space for something to come later; it is to exist in the temporary. Katie Revilla's work focuses on examining personal relationships to labor and production through generations of family. More specifically, through the lens of her grandfather and father, she has been documenting the history of Filipino immigrants in the Bay Area, using fabric as a medium and metaphor for weaving narratives together. Read more
  • Nature Hiding in Plain Sight - Photography by Robin Apple

    Aug 18, 2019 to Oct 27, 2019 Robin Apple immerses herself in nature and her processed acrylic photographic work is the direct result. Her show incorporates abstracted, blended, collaged, and colorful images of butterflies, flowers, green plants, animals and other found objects. In creating, she seeks escape and relief from the occasional harshness of the world, the serious tone often adopted in documentary and photojournalistic series, and the sometimes sobering realities encountered in aspects of her day job as a clinical psychologist.   Read more

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