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  • Car Culture: Car as Object, Car as Subject

    Nov 19, 2017 to Jan 28, 2018 The automobile is so central to American life that, a century after the debut of the horseless carriage, we both take it for granted and revere it as semi-divine. Car Culture at Peninsula Museum of Art features eleven Bay Area artists who consider the automobile as technological marvel and dream-machine.  As the era of the internal combustion engine appears to be winding down, superseded by hybrid, electric, and hydrogen-powered cars that will drive themselves, this exhibition takes a look at the physical and mental Autopia (to use the name of the Disneyland mini-racecar ride) in which we a Read more
  • Patricia Qualls, Explorations

    Oct 29, 2017 to Jan 7, 2018 Patricia Qualls' enormous colorful abstracts breathe life into otherwise stifled spaces. A former clinical psychologist turned contemporary painter, Qualls sees her work as a therapeutic, spontaneous passageway to curiosity and self-acceptance. She hopes that through each piece, and without judgement, one may find wonder: Read more
  • Jim Caldwell, Water Play: Nature's Abstracts from the Sky

    Oct 29, 2017 to Jan 7, 2018 Landscape painter Jim Caldwell usually has his feet planted firmly on the ground. However, for his show at PMA, Caldwell takes us on a glorious ride over the Delta and the South Bay salt flats: Read more

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